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Vito Marcello's Italian Bistro is one of the state's most celebrated restaurants; the creation of the man who truly brings Authentic Italian tastes to the White Mountains of NH, Vito Marcello.

The restaurant is a true organic space reflective of Vito Marcello's Italian cuisine and vision of truly bringing authentic tastes of Italy, come to life. 

Modern Innovation on Family Traditions

Vito was raised in Providence, Rhode Island, His roots are steeped in a love of food. His
Grandfather, the first Vito, started his culinary career in the 1920s in New York City’s Little Italy
and then moved his family to Rhode Island where he opened the first Marcello’s family
restaurant in Cranston, RI.

Over the past 96 years, Chef Vito and his family have earned a reputation for running some of the finest restaurants in New England.

Vito remembers soaking up the business at an early age, describing how his grandfather pulled up a milk carton so the 9-year-old could stand at the counter and learn how to chop mushrooms. When he was 14, he began to work for his father, both in Providence and then in his twenties, when they opened in 1988, in North Conway, NH.


When his father passed away, Vito managed the restaurant with his family, cooking and designing
recipes that made the place a landmark, famous for its authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s
success is based on serving authentic Italian food and wines derived from traditional Italian family
recipes handed down from his father and grandfather. Vito keeps his menu exciting and authentic by using his travels back to Italy and keeping abreast of new and exciting innovations in the current 
culinary scene. 

Vito’s goal of producing healthy, tasty gourmet foods inspired his line of gourmet Italian healthy
sauces and dressings which are available at the Bistro, local stores, and online at


In May 2008, the Washington Post named Vito Marcello’s Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce among the best sauces you can buy, in an article on “How to choose healthy favorites without making your taste buds suffer”.


The Marcello Family History

Cooking is a Family Tradition,

Bringing it to your Family is Our Tradition

What began in the late 1920s as Marcello’s Family Restaurant in Cranston, RI, famous for authentic Italian “more than you can eat” meals and famous for offering a “homemade meatball sandwich and an orange soda for just 50 cents”.

My “Nonno” and my father taught me at an early age that a great meal is created at the beginning, not at the end. Begin with the best, and they said…” the best tomatoes, the best olive oil, the best cheese, the best pasta, and you will have the best meals and a growing following.”

After decades of serving tens of thousands of meals to Rhode Islanders, my family moved to the beautiful White Mountains in 1988 and settled in North Conway, NH. We opened our first “Restaurant” at  45 Seavey Street in the Village of North Conway, NH,  continuing the traditions handed down by the two generations before us.

Over the years, our guests have asked us for some of our famous pasta sauce to bring home with them. As a result, I began making Vito Marcello’s Gourmet Pasta Sauces and House Dressing. I have received various nutritional and flavor awards, including the prestigious 3 Star designation at Hannaford supermarket. Our sauces have also received recognition from supermarket retailers, television stations, and newspapers such as the Washington Post for offering healthy, delicious foods! My gourmet sauces and dressings are now available at the Bistro, local stores and online at


I am proud to continue my family’s traditions by offering our authentic Italian gourmet pasta sauces and dressings for you to have at home to enjoy!

​And by the way, if you are in North Conway, New Hampshire, stop in and say hello, because over 80 years later,  we still make those delicious homemade meatballs!

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Restaurant History

Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro completes Vito’s vision of what a fine Italian dining experience should
be. The restaurant’s success is based on serving authentic Italian food and wines derived from
traditional Italian family recipes handed down from his father and grandfather. 
Vito and his family operated from this very same location for years from 1988. A destination for both the local residents and travelers from afar, Vito’s became known as a must-visit from food critics and diners alike.

Vito’s passion for creating Italian regional favorites begins with using the finest ingredients available, even if that means importing them directly from Italy. Creating an authentic Italian meal.

Never losing the passion and creativity in fine Italian dining, Vito began to complete his own vision
for a welcoming, simple yet exciting Italian fine dining experience. Offering classic Italian favorites along with exciting blends of new and old-world traditions, 
even heart-healthy and gluten-free alternatives.

 Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro welcomes you to enjoy and share our “Bistro” experience!

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