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With all that is happening in not just the valley, but everywhere, we wanted to take some time to speak on some of the things to expect when dining with us as the summer approaches, and so that not only proper expectations are set, but to also improve the quality of experience for our guests and staff! 

These are crazy times right now, and we cannot thank you all enough for continuing to support us through these absolutely different times. We are doing our best with the staffing we have to make sure you have an experience comparable to pre-pandemic times. Please read the details below so we can better help folks understand WHAT and HOW we are doing things!



If you are unsure of our status of being open, PLEASE CALL OR CHECK FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM FOR UPDATES. If we are closing, info will be on our banner in our header, as well as announced on our social media channels listed below: 




Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 4:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Thursday: 4:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Friday: 4:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Saturday: 4:00 PM - 10:30 PM
Sunday: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM


WE require masks when not at your table

If you are feeling unwell, PLEASE choose another time to visit us. 

Please have one member of your party check in with our host so we can avoid crowding & can maintain social distancing.



Reservations are strongly recommended, you can book right here on Resy to do just: that


As we continue to have in-door dining available, we are asking guests to be mindful of longer table times. We LOVE that you want to hang out here with us, but, because of our reduced capacity inside & to accommodate as many of you as possible, we kindly request that you keep your reservation to the time to the 90 minutes allotted to you by our host. We will never ask, or interrupt your time with us to tell you your time is up before your 90 minutes, but as we continue to get busier and more traffic is driven from the guests in and out of town, we will be having a close eye on this time, and ask that for the sake of everyone during this time to enjoy taking that breath and eat out with us, that you will keep an eye on it as well.


With us, the earlier the better and we can be a little more forgiving on those times. We're normally VERY busy, but if you're looking to get a table during our peak hours, there will be a wait and we ask for nothing more than your patience and cooperation as we work extremely hard to make sure everyone can enjoy Chef Vito's food and experience at the bistro.

In these times, it's easy to be short, stressed out, and may even lead to taking out some negative energy on our staff due to maybe a long wait time, or something negatively affecting your experience. We get it. Really. Please understand that we are doing the absolute best we can under these extenuating circumstances. We understand that everyone is feeling a bit “off” at times, but please refrain from taking this out on our amazing staff as they comply with state law & manage streams of customers. We hate that we even have to say this at all, truly, but if we have guests that are being rude or uncooperative, they will be asked to leave.

Thanks for your understanding, cooperation and love for Vito Marcello's Italian Bistro! We just want to clink wine glasses and eat well until we're stuffed like Chef Vito intends! 


Please understand this is NOT a reservation, so here's how it works.

- You may call & put your name on the list before you leave your house.

- You will be seated when a table is available.

- If you are not here when we get to your name, the next person on the list will be offered the table.

- Wait list does not guarantee a specific time or table, that would be an actual reservation.

- The wait list simply helps you get into a table sooner than if you didn’t call.



Our gift cards are available HERE or you may click on our menu in the top right hand corner, and select "gift cards" 

If you would like GIFT CARDS AND/OR MERCH sent to you or a dear one, please go to our menu and you may have it delivered when checking out.



DINNER ONLY. PLEASE, READ the instructions below, this will help YOU & US!
+We are only accepting orders ONLINE, no phone orders please.                                                                                                                                        

+Each menu item has a “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS” box. KINDLY use this ONLY for allergies, NOT substitutions


+Understand that, despite what we usually believe, we are not magical 🧞‍♀️🦄 & are experiencing the same supply chain

problems as the rest of the country. We run out of product at times🤷‍♀️                                               

+Cocktails, beer & wine require valid ID presented at pick up & MUST be ordered with food. We cannot serve you otherwise

+Most cocktails have room for ice so you can add & shake (and we couldn’t find smaller bottles!😜)

+Cocktails, draft beer & cheesecakes are served in reusable bottles. PLEASE return these & we will refund you $1/cocktails & cheesecakes $3/growlers

+Please use pick-up time as a loose guide. If you are traveling from afar, notate this in one of the CLICK ME FIRST instruction boxes & we will contact you with a more accurate time frame.                                           

+Please only hit “SUBMIT ORDER” once. ONE time. UNO. Every time you hit this button, your card will be pre-authorized. Always a bummer for your account!                                                                                         

+Check-in when you arrive                                                                                                                                                      +Payment options on site are VISA, MC & CASH (NOT having to make change would be AMAZING!) If you would like to use a gift card,  select CASH & we will fix that when you arrive😊

+Thank you for supporting us during these unusual times…know that we are doing our best to keep krista’s in your universe!

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